Danny Guo | 郭亚东


Currently reading: Profit over People: Neoliberalism and Global Order (Amazon) by Noam Chomsky

I stopped reading for pleasure in college, but I’ve realized how much I have been missing out on. Now I am trying to read daily. I mostly read non-fiction, with the goal of efficiently gaining new knowledge and perspectives, but I also mix in fiction occasionally.

I maintain my to-read list in Goodreads. When I hear about a book that sounds interesting or when a friend recommends a book, I add it to the list. For most books, I check them out from the New York Public Library’s e-book website and read them on my Kindle.

Reading checklist

I have a bad memory, so I’ve looked into methods for getting better at retaining what I read. This checklist is designed with that goal in mind and is very much a work in progress.